Startup Business – The HR Risks of House Rules

Phil Platcher
Phil Platcher

Your startup has been going for a few years, and you are ready to hire a new wave of people. Do you rely on “house rules”?

Phil Platcher HRM Group
Phil Platcher – HRM Group

Many startups have tight trust among their team members. But, what happens as the startup grows, or when your employees have a dispute? Who has the final say in how vacation leave, or how pay raises should be handled?

Phil Platcher of HRM Group helps startups and small businesses with:

  • Risk Management Plans
  • HSE Advisor
  • Human Resources Management
  • Industrial Relations

Time and knowledge are often scarce, and team members trust that “house rules” will keep the business running. Sometimes startups, and small businesses overlook workplaces risks with their house rules:

  • Steps for measuring the performance of employees
  • Explaining changes to the employees as the business grows, or divides
  • Adding new management, and restructuring HR after the startup phase
  • Proper handling of FairWork Australia worker’s protections
  • Identifying and quickly correcting HSE risks, including writing the HSE documentation and delivering required training
  • Getting help with case management, and representation to resolve worker’s issues without going to court

Phil helps clients who don’t know how where to start, or how to get the steps finished.

HR and HSE Templates, and Support

He provides a range of templates to help companies keep costs down by doing the work themselves. Phil draws from his early history working as a HR manager to deliver a flexible range of support to startups. His services include preparing a growing company to transition into hiring their own full-time human resources manager. He helps turn house rules into procedures, and actions that reduce a startup business’s HR, and HSE risks.

Find Diverse Startup Business Services

Over the past month, Phil has found that The Nest in Victoria Park is an ideal hub for the 2 to 3 days a week that he is not at a client’s site, or travelling. He’s been servicing clients at sites between Broome and Kwinana. He found that working at the Nest is more productive than working at home when he is not on the road. Being at the Nest has opened up access to potential new clients, and easy business support. Parking is free. The Nest is centrally located near the CBD, Perth Airport, and several of the large industrial areas where Phil has clients.

Are you looking for an office space with a diverse range of servies to support your startup, or small business? Contact Mark at or (08) 9472-5582.