Taste Of 3D Printing In An Old Pizza Shop


On the weekend 19-20 July Enkel will hold a temporary maker space in an empty former pizza shop in the centre of Fremantle.

The event is open to the public and will give visitors a taste of new technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and small-scale electronics.

  • Laser Cut Praxinoscope Workshop: Visitors have the opportunity to laser cut and construct their own praxinoscope (an animation device which produces the illusion of a motion) and experiment in making their own moving images.
  • 3D printing projects in action: Several 3D printers will be in operation, and a variety of 3D-printed tech objects and art will be on display.
  • Electronics soldering workshop: Visitors can tinker with small-scale electronics by making their own LED light badge.
  • Prototypes and innovative works in progress: Makers will have personal projects and gadgets on display to discuss and showcase to the public.


“The real revolution here is not in the creation of the technology, but the democratization of the technology. It’s when you basically give it to a huge expanded group of people who come up with new applications, and you harness the ideas and the creativity and the energy of everybody. That’s what really makes a revolution.

…What we’re seeing here with the third industrial revolution is the combination of the two [technology and manufacturing]. It’s the computer meets manufacturing, and it’s at everybody’s desktop.”

– Wired’s Chris Anderson

The global maker movement and its flagship the 3D printer will have great impact on the manufacturing and retail industries, as well as self-sufficiency of local communities.

20140704-082133-30093976.jpgWe in the Enkel collective are currently working to build a maker space (which will be housed together with a coworking space, studios, learning facilities and the Enkel restaurant in our new venue in 2015). This event is held to raise publicity for Enkel and give the people of Fremantle a taste of the maker movement.


Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2014. Opening hours: 10AM to 5PM


In the empty former pizza shop at 33 High street in Fremantle.

Who is it for?

This event is for anyone interested in understanding more about new technologies, the maker movement and Enkel.

About Enkel

Enkel is a transdisciplinary collective of people who work together to explore new possibilities and narratives for Western Australia. Our main focus in 2014 is to create a space, where we can experiment with new ways of working, learning, making, eating & drinking. A space which continuously develops, and which is designed for people to accelerate each others’ learning journeys.

For all the details and to keep up to date, visit the Enkel website.