How To Lose Weight By Email

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How To Lose Weight By Email? What does email have to do with fitness? Perth based startup, LifeFit by trainer Jacob Moffitt is using email (as one of many tools) to keep busy-people on-track with their fitness training.

Too many people are too busy to stick with their fitness routines. Many people start and repeat unsuccessful cycles of fad diets, calorie counting, and obsessing over how to lose weight. Statistics from show that only 1 out of 5 people maintain their weight loss after 1 year. Jacob’s novel solution is to get people to simply forget about trying to lose weight.

Jacob has adopted a simple motto of “move better, feel better, and live better.” He has combined several training methods to keep different types of people on an achievable fitness program. He adds as-needed motivation and guidance for dealing with stress, and life’s interruptions. Jacob changes the focus from how to lose weight – to how to have a better overall lifestyle.

LifeFit owner Jacob Moffitt
LifeFit owner Jacob Moffitt

He promotes an affordable, and flexible combination of:

  • Do-it-yourself workouts by email
  • In-person group, and individual fitness programs
  • Follow-up, motivation, and support by email, text, and phone
  • Work-out modifications on-request to accommodate work, travel, caregiving, studies, or exams

Startup Your Fitness and Your Business! Jacob’s dream of a better fitness solution might not have been possible without mentoring and advice along the way.

He has been able to grow, and refine his startup as a member of the Nest, in Victoria Park. He’s part of the Nest’s Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP!). Students finishing their last years of university or trade school get mentoring and guidance setting up a startup in their field. The Nest offers this innovative program to soon-to-be graduates as an alternative to finding employment.

Sometimes a student’s passion and purpose is so unique it doesn’t fit an employee role. Inventive young people with innovative ideas, that stand-out from their industry can use the Nest to develop their ideas into a startup and grow it into a business. The Nest is also a collaborative space where seasoned startup entrepreneurs help motivate each other.

Jacob has reciprocated in the knowledge sharing at the Nest. He has shown many Nesters alternatives to worrying about how to lose weight. He’s customised programs to fit the age, and lifestyle of Nesters.

Are you a startup looking for an affordable space for your business? How about connecting with Jacob’s LifeFit program while you are in the office?

Take a look at the diverse group of businesses at the Nest. The Nest provides diverse collaborative space, and useful ‘in-sourced’ services. Start with a free seminar, or sign up for a few days each week in the work space. Nestling gives you access to a meeting room, and a street address.

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