GeoMoby’s Chris Baudia Wins Global Hackathon With “SocialFence”

GeoMoby's Chris Baudia Winning the first Global Hackathon prize.
8. GeoMoby's Chris Baudia Winning the first Global Hackathon prize.

Chris Baudia, CEO of GeoMoby has won first Global Hackathon! Using their geofencing technology, Chris wowed the crowd of almost 2000, along with a judging panel that included 500 Startups founder, Dave McClure, to take home first prize with, ‘Social Fence’.

Chris has really earned this prize, not just from his work this week, but from his hard work and perseverance for the last few years.

After coming up with the idea for Geomoby he applied for Founder Institute Perth and put himself through that full time.  Emerging from FI battered but smarter he then won a scholarship with Spacecubed so he could really get stuck into the Geomoby concept. Then recently he won the opportunity to represent Spacecubed and Perth in the #s3global first Global Hackathon in Korea.

That might seem like chance, but he is a pretty determined guy, and I think he and his team did an amazing job to pull this off.

UPDATE: from Youjin Do

The first global hackathon ( was held from this Mon to Thu. Around 100 participants from over 10 different countries.

On Thursday morning all 17 teams had a final pitching and judge made a decision about the 3 drafted team which are Popme/So Free World/Social Fence. They had several rehearsals on the huge main stage of Seoul Digital Forum after having lunch, then they had a presentation at 5pm. There were 4 judges, including Dave McClure : Founding Partner ’500 Startups’.

With judge’s scoring and voting from the audience (around 1500-2000 people at the main stage hall), Chris’ team (Social Fence) won first! First winner got a prize which is 5,000,000 Korean won (about $5000 AUD) and iPAD mini for each member.

I am sure we will learn more about SocialFence when they all return, but for now, here are a few photos of the event.


We also want to congratulate all of the Spacecubed delegates, and to all of the contestants that took part, it was a mighty effort you all put in.


  1. Fabulous news for a fantastic guy. For me, Chris had one of the best ebusinesses to come out of last year’s Founders Institute – so it’s wonderful to see him get this kind of recognition.

    Félicitations Christophe!

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