Co-working Heads Due North

Howard JLP West Coast Institute (13)

Howard JLP West Coast Institute (13)

If you live south of Geraldton (as my friends say when I invite them to my home) then this will be right up your alley.

//Startup News will be closely following the development of this brand new collaborative space that will enable us Northerners to sleep in a little.

Next time your packed into a morning train like a sleepy sardine, close your eyes and imagine a new kind of creative workplace with no commute to Perth CBD, stunning lakeside views and within walking distance of public transport and one of the largest shopping centres in Western Australia. Sounds too good to be true?  Well this will soon be a reality when the new Co-working space is launched at the West Coast Institute campus in the heart of Joondalup.Joondalup co-working space

This exciting new space is a partnership project between the West Coast Institute and the City of Joondalup and is a first for Perth’s northern suburbs. It will be a hub which drives innovation and entrepreneurial activity, with casual and affordable desk space available, collaborative and networking opportunities, training and business support events, social activities and much more.

If this kind of space would suit your business activity and mindset, email to find out more.


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