Atomic Sky Tech Hub Update – 17 April 2014


How time has flown! Has it really been a week already? Well, things have certainly turned round quickly at the Tech Hub, we had a very eventful 7 days and the 1st floor has been transformed from an empty and dusty shell to now being fully carpeted and having the first lot of furniture installed.

It hasn’t been without event though, let me tell you! Just after my last update this rather large truck pulled up out the front with a sea container on the back and two very jolly men jumped out of the truck. They opened up the truck to reveal lots of tiny boxes that would contain many small bits to be assembled into our funky new furniture. However as the truck rolled up the security team got locked in the garage as there was a minor mishap with the roller door. Not to fear, within 10 minutes Simon had someone at the Hub repairing the door whilst we unloaded the truck of all it’s flat packed goodness. (And when I say we, I mean I supervised… there was no chance I could risk breaking a nail).

That Saturday the lovely Jonny from Trevors Carpets Osborne Park organised three strapping young lads to come out and get the first floor skillfully lined with a the charcoal masterpiece that you see in the images below. Whilst it wasn’t Andy’s first preference Simon, Barry and I were pretty chuffed with the end result.

Monday was a mixture of the signage crew Church+Osborne coming up and getting the first round of signage up bright and early whilst Simon, Andy & Barry painstakingly pieced together each nut and bolt that resulted about 4 hours later in some cool looking 3 person pods. The desks are nice and roomy with some locked drawers and bright partitions.

Tuesday saw our new intern Belinda Simpson start and get inducted into the Atomic Sky and Tech Hub team. Belinda is a second year student studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship at UWA who is very driven. Her first day comprised of taking some photos of all the new arrivals in the Tech Hub, getting featured in a photo shoot with The Weekend West and helping draft her first press release. Pretty groovy first day!

So here I sit at my spacious desk in the blue zone, reading through some requests from some switched on entrepreneurs to join the Tech Hub. Despite all that’s been accomplished in one week, there is still much to be done in anticipation of our first open day. Perhaps you loyal readers could help out?

We want to adorn the walls with funky tech themed art (the bigger the pieces the better) so we are shouting out to anyone who knows of local artists who might fit the bill. We have one artist lined up, and are looking for a couple more.

Also, part of the first floor will have a ‘Creative Cube’ a section with some cushy chairs, thought provoking books, games, and will be a space where you can sit away from your desk, or simply change your scenery – we have been looking around for some furniture, games or general ideas on how to make this space most effective, so if anyone has any suggestions either leave them as a comment below or get in touch.

We are also looking for keen and motivated salespeople for a few projects we have on board, so send resumes and cover letters telling us how amazing you are.

The Tech Hub is set to open officially on the 30th May when we will have our first open day from 12pm – 4:30pm however with the amount of enquiries coming through and spaces pre-booking we are happy to take people through the premises before the official opening. Feel free to call Arna on 0424 174 596 or send through an email

For any more info on the Atomic Sky Tech Hub check out our website