20th March 2014. Founder Institute Online Graduate Panel


Date: 2014-03-20, 08:00 AM

Location: This is an online event, It will take place at http://fi.co/contents/panel .

If you are interested in hearing the perspective of going through the Founder Institute program from accomplished Graduates, then join us for this Graduate Panel online. Discuss any questions that you have about the Founder Institute with people that have been through the program themselves. The Founder Institute has over 1,000 graduate companies, and they have gone on to create over 10,000 new jobs across the globe. How hard is it to get through the program? What are some insights on how to be successful in the program? What are some tactics to build a successful company once you graduate?

Who should Attend?

  • Anyone interested in the learning about Founder Institute program
  • Anyone who wants to understand the experience of going through a top global incubator
  • Anyone interested in understanding how an accelerator can help with the idea or business

What is the Agenda?

  • Welcome
  • Graduate Overview
  • Questions and Answer with Graduates
  • Final Remarks

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