An invitation to join the Perth Startup Owner’s Working Group (aka Perth Starters) – Every Thursday


Weekly “Perth Starters” Meetings

Weekly Agenda

  • Report on what we’ve built, measure, and/or learnt
  • Discuss “Running Lean” by Ash Maurya

6:00pm – 7:30pm Thursday @ The Gardens – The Windsor hotel.

(Corner Millpoint Road and Mend Street, South Perth)

Meet inside near the fountain or phone mobile 041 226 8159.Pay parking in hotel car park or free around local area.

All welcome to attend! Share the URL


The Perth Startup Owner’s Working Group (also known as Perth Starters) is a group of startup founders who take take a lean approach to their startups and meet regularly (usually weekly) to discuss what they have built-measured-and-learnt or what they are in the process of building-measuring-and-learning about their startups. We also discuss any issues we are confronting, resources we have found or need, or events we have attended or are attending. The group is open to anyone with like interests and actively involved in a lean startup, or just wishing to learn more about lean startups. We include all types of businesses but are mostly web/mobile startups.

Along with reporting on the progress of our startups and, inline with the different approaches mentioned below, we are also working through various lean startup resources to get our startups going. For example, we could just be reporting on what we are building, measuring and learning, working through the “Running Lean” approach with its use of the Lean Canvas, or working through the checklists in “The Startup Owner’s Manual” by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, with its use of the Business Model Canvas. We are, however, definitely a group focussed on progressing our startups, not just talking about them, but searching for that repeatable and scalable business model.

Current Focus

Our current group discussions focus around the “Running Lean” approach by Ash Maurya. We are reading through this book (for details of the book see the link on the Running Lean page) and seeing how we may be able to apply its approach to our startups. Each week we spend some time discussing any general news or events we have attended, then each startup gives a report on what they have built, measured, and/or learnt, and what they plan to do in the next week, then one person leads an informal discussion of a particular aspect (e.g. chapter) of the current focus. Participants are expected to prepare for these discussions.

As you would expect, most of our startups are at different stages in their development. Some are just starting out and searching for a problem and/or solution, others are validating the problem and solution, some already have a product or service and are validating the product/service and the market. Finally, some may be validating their sales process and getting ready to scale. Some are pre-funding, others may have received some funds, and some are not even looking for funding. This is not a problem because we are all keen to share our knowledge and experience and/or learn from others, and especially to encourage and support each other.

We welcome all founders of lean startups no matter what type of business or what stage in development they are. We also welcome social entrepreneurs whose primary aim is to address some social issue and do some social good rather than to necessarily make money or provide a return to investors. If you are interested in participating or just to come along and checkout what we do, please email us at Participants may be asked to sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to enable everyone to talk freely about their startups without any concern that the information will be shared or used inappropriately.

We hope to see you at our meetings!

The Perth Starters.


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